Indoleds OBL-32-AC
Obstruction Leds Indoleds OBL-32-AC
Indoleds OBL-32-AC is The second generation of Indoleds Aviation Obstruction Light with highest standard Led technology these light is use to mark any obstacle that may present hazards to aircraft navigation. OBL-32-AC Complies with ICAO Annex 14 Low Intensity Type B (32 Cd).
  • Very Low power consumption
  • Wide range of input voltage
  • Five Years warranty
  • Long life, more than 100.000 hours operation
  • Years of maintenance free operation
Electrics CharacteristicInput Voltage 90 to 240 VACPower Consumption 10 VAOptical CharacteristicIntensity more than 10 candela, Red colorRadiation pattern 360˚ Horizontal, 6-10˚ VerticalMechanical CharacteristicAluminum Case Degree of Protection IP 65Dimension; diameter 65 mm, height 174 mmWeight 0,7 kg, Mounting Entries ¾ Inchi.
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